Monday, February 13, 2012

The Tower (Medieval Enchantment)

It's Tarot Time, which is an exercise I'll be doing daily for the next 78 days. Recently started as a group on facebook, I think this is going to be a great way to get to know a deck you might be unfamiliar with. The group simply prompts you take a card out of a deck that you'd like to get to know better, and spend thirty minutes with it. I received the Medieval Enchantment - Nigel Jackson Tarot for Christmas from the Tarot Santa, and it totally made my Christmas a pleasant experience. There wasn't any LWB with it, so it's a perfect fit for this exercise. Money was tight for us at that time due to the unexpected loss of our only vehicle. All the money in our savings account had been depleted in an attempt to save her from the Great Salvage Yard in the Sky (and the subsequent purchase of another vehicle). It was a lost cause. RIP, Luna, you were a GREAT car, and I miss you. <3 But I digress... back to Tarot. Today after the prompt I pulled The Tower (how appropriate considering that this was the card I keep repeatedly pulling during the above mentioned crisis). I took out my notebook, studied the card, and scratched a few things down.

The Tower (Mars)

~Fiery Eye. ~Castles made of sand. ~Am I going up or coming down? ~Thick, ominous clouds the color of fresh bruises fill a crowded sky. ~Sharp, jagged teeth stretch painfully towards the Heavens. ~A doorway to confusion, disillusion and doom beckons innocently. ~The heat of the Sun Eye feels like it could turn The Tower to glass. ~One incorrect step on the convoluted inclines could shatter it suddenly.. to lie in a thousand broken shards at my feet... while everything I thought I had, I thought I knew... bleeds away as effortlessly as water through a sieve.. only to disappear into the spaces between the heated stone tiles beneath my back. ~I could really use a drink of clear, cold water with a pinch of sea salt in it right about now.... and a gentle breeze to dry my sweat-soaked brow. 

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