Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Lovers (Medieval Enchantment)

Since today is Valentine's Day, I deliberately picked out The Lovers from the Medieval Enchantment - Nigel Jackson Tarot. Seemed appropriate for today! <3 This is a picture I took of the card with my wedding band and engagement ring. :)

The Lovers (Gemini)

~Two young, strong trees stand straight and tall, rooted firmly in the ground. ~Divine intervention from above. ~ In your warm, safe, and loving embrace... my rose blossoms into the deep red of everlasting love. ~I feel like you have read my Book of Love.. peeked inside when I wasn't looking. ~Two small flowers spring forth at our feet.. We planted seeds of love in our garden, and now we tenderly watch them grow. ~I gaze into the wishing well after throwing in our two pennies. ~We stand together and look in.. our reflections showing us all the choices we have made together... with Love. <3

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