Monday, September 6, 2010

Clearing a Tarot Deck

Once and a while clearing a Tarot deck may become necessary. I've had my Robin Wood Tarot deck for about three years now. It was my main deck for almost a whole year. I learned on this deck, so it's one of my "old" favorites. After that first year, I noticed that a majority of my readings with it were jumbled, unclear and confusing. They simply fell flat. So I put them in a lovely hardwood box to let them "rest". Today, as I was reading a Tarot blog, I came across a picture of the Four of Swords from that deck. Deciding that I would like to use this deck again, I felt that a clearing would be called for first.

The first thing I did was fill the bottom of it's box with enough sea salt to cover the entire bottom. I then placed the deck on top of that and sprinkled more salt over the top. After that, I placed my clear quartz point on top of it all, leaving the box open. I left it like that for a whole day and night. Today, I burned a reiki candle called Wisdom near it and read the affirmation that comes with it out loud. I then took the deck out of the salt and put the cards back in order. I put it back in the salt and placed the crystal on top once more. I'll leave it like that for a few more days until it feels right to discard the salt.

I've done this before with a used deck I purchased off of ebay. Whenever I get a new deck, I like to sleep with it under my pillow. It seems to help me to "connect" to deck, and can give me some really cool dreams too. lol BUT.... this deck (Tarot of the Cat People), gave me the most horrible, terrifying dreams I think I've ever had! I buried it salt and crystals for a whole week after that, and now it's a very nice, well-behaved deck. I would suggest doing this to all your decks every once and a while, just to give them a fresh, shiny, new start. :)