Friday, February 17, 2012

The Popess (Medieval Enchantment)

The Popess (Moon)

~Dignified and quietly introspective, she sits upon her moonlit throne in shades of indigo. ~All-seeing eyes the color of jewels line her royal cloak.. a loving gift from the companion who rests at her feet... they are there to remind her that, like the cycles of the moon.. all will be renewed in time. ~A pendant gracefully hanging from her necklace glints in the moonlight, and hints at secrets kept deep within. ~Gentle waves of the deep blue ocean rise and recede... in synchronicity with an age old rhythm that originates from the seat of our collective unconsciousness. ~She listens carefully, the many points on her headdress serving as finely tuned antennas to catch each nuance in the air surrounding her Holy presence. ~Words magically appear in The Book...

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