Wednesday, February 15, 2012

8 of Staves (Medieval Enchantment)

Today we have the 8 of Staves (Wands) from the Medieval Enchantment - Nigel Jackson Tarot for the Tarot Time! exercise. :)

8 of Staves (Mercury in Sagittarius)

 ~Easily breezing along with the winds of communication... wherever they may blow. ~You are the messenger from afar. ~Clutched in your hand... important information leads the way... like the aiming of a bow with the arrow pointed towards it's mark. ~Eyes intently focused, you stay true to the path beneath your long outstretched legs and fleet-footed stride. ~Flaming hair and flared nostrils. ~Expanding lungs and hot fluid muscles. A cooling wind upon your skin. ~Time is of the essence. ~The Pony Express? 

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