Monday, March 12, 2012

Crystal Interview Tarot Spread

This is a Tarot spread that was designed by Lisa Frideborg Lloyd, and her post can be found here on her website. I thought I'd try this spread out for the Moldavite pendant I just recently acquired, because I was curious if Tarot would reflect some of the qualities I suspected attracted me to it. Here's a picture I took of my Moldavite pendant (with some orange calcite on either side).

And here it is showing off it's translucence in a spot of sun. :)


SiO2 + Al,Ca,Fe,K,Na

Moldavite is a naturally occurring glass, originally found along the Moldau River in Czechoslovakia in 1787. It is usually a dark olive green color but can also occur in muted yellows and browns. It is one of a handfull of gems that can claim an extraterrestrial origin*. Moldavite is believed to be the outer surface of meteorites, that fused and melted during entry into our atmosphere. Moldavite has a diagnostic pattern of striae and bubbles (elongated, torpedo-shaped) that are unlike man-made glass. It does not contain crystals like those found in volcanic glass or obsidian. The Holy Grail is said to be carved out of a green stone that fell from Satan's crown as he descended from Heaven to Hell. Popular legend has long claimed this stone to be an emerald. It has recently been proposed that the Holy Grail may have been carved from moldavite, using the stone falling from Satan's crown as a metaphor for the green stone falling from the sky.
 Moldavites are found in a strewnfield centered around Moldavia (Moldau River Valley) in former Czechoslovakia and are believed to have come from a meteorite crater in Germany. The Moldavite strewnfield is divided into two parts and the tektites from each of these parts are distinctive in color from each other. These areas are quite small, but large amounts of moldavites have been found. The most prized are the deeply grooved and clear green pieces. The green Moldavites have been and continue to be used for stones in jewelry. Moldavites are sometimes cut as gemstones or put into jewelry as natural uncut pieces to show off their often eerie and beautifully intricate shapes.
 *Peridot in pallasite meteorites and forsterite/peridot in comet dust are other examples of gems with an extraterrestial origin.

 I recently received a copy of the Quantum Tarot through a trade with a friend, and I was thinking a small piece of Moldavite would be perfect to put in a Tarot bag along with it. The Quantum Tarot is very outer space-y and science themed. Since Moldavite is thought to have been formed by a meteor strike in Czechoslovakia,  it seemed to be a good fit. 


The spread is as follows:

1. The healing essence of this crystal.
2. What issue/blockage brought us together.
3. Benefits of working with this crystal.
4. Connections with angels/spirit guides.
5. Practical application/usage.

1. 8 of Swords - This crystal will allow me to free my mind to the higher realms. The releasing of self-limiting thoughts.

2. Queen of Pentacles - You are not as earth bound as you might think. Just because your Sun and Moon are Earth signs... doesn't mean that you can't fly among the stars. 

3. 6 of Wands - Victory and accomplishment through creative thinking. 

4. Queen of Wands - Spirit Guide is the fiery energy of the Phoenix (no surprise there). 

5. The Moon - Revealing hidden and secret thoughts you normally keep to yourself. Remaining quiet and withdrawn can stifle your intuition and hold your natural evolution back, so let it go and let flow. Trust in your inner voice. :)

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  1. Amazing piece, Jo. Love the use of the Quantum Tarot for this spread. Thanks for sharing :)