Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Konxari Cards: The Other Part

On August 10, 2010, I posted a blog about my first experience with the Konxari Cards. If you haven't already, read that blog here first. There was more to that reading than I let on in that blog post. At the time I was pretty blown away by it all, and in addition to my own personal feelings about it at the time, I didn't want to frighten anyone or discourage them from using these wonderful cards. As I had sat there trying to absorb what I was seeing and feeling, I felt compelled to pull another four cards... My Dad wasn't finished with what he wanted to say to me. Having clearly expressed how much he had loved me while we were together, he wanted me to know something else. A warning about using these cards (or perhaps about dabbling in this sort of thing). I feel that it is VERY important that you follow a few simple rules when using them. Do as the instructions suggest and DON'T READ WITH THEM WHEN YOU ARE COMPLETELY ALONE. Also, ground and protect yourself thoroughly beforehand. 

These are the other four cards that were pulled on that night. I should have included these in my previous blog, but I was so happy and pleased that I had successfully communicated with my father from beyond this earthly plane, that I didn't want any negativity to intrude on my happiness. But here they are, in the order I pulled them.

I knew immediately what he was trying to tell me. These cards can also be used effectively for peering through a window into the past or... a door through which an angry spirit might seek revenge. (Remember that the pain in my toe was strong enough to wake me from a sound sleep...) Pretty straightforward. My Dad was like that when he was with us. Straight up. He didn't buy into Tarot cards, fortune telling, UFO's or ghost stories. My Dad was a man that needed to see, touch, feel or be able to prove it's existence. Something so straightforward and easy to interpret was definitely his style. So please remember what he let me (and all of us) know. Protect yourself well, stay grounded, and only let in the good things. <3

And there's one other thing that I didn't mention at the time because I didn't think it had any importance.. but I do now. Whenever my copy of this deck arrived, I took them all out and went through them to make sure all of them were there. It turned out that I had 89 cards, not the 88 that were supposed to be there. I had an extra Honor card. 


  1. I have a little book written by Dion Fortune in 1930, called 'Psychic Self-Defence'. This is a guide to recognizing and protecting oneself from unwanted esoteric interference. When working with the dead it is as well to know what negativism you may be inadvertently attracting and how to protect from and ward unwanted attentions. This book is well worth reading before using these cards. Cat Dubh

  2. I've 'heard' about these cards but never thought to look for images because my guides/totems/etherworld companions have always been dead silent, letting me fall in the pit time and time again. I think it's time to look into them. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.