Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Konxari Cards

Death is a return to earth.
The universe is like an inn.
The passing years are like dust.

Regard this phantom world
As a star at dawn, a bubble in a stream,
A flash of lightning in a summer cloud,
A flickering lamp - a phantom - and a dream.


Yesterday, I received the Konxari Cards that I ordered last week. What an incredible deck! You can check them out or order them on their website at here.

The stunning photography in this deck was done by Paul Michael Kane, and you can see more of his work here.

The directions suggest not to read them while you're alone, so I was going to wait until I could get someone to read with me. But I didn't want to wait. lol Last night, I was sitting at my computer browsing through them, when I decided that I really wanted to try and contact my Dad, who passed away on June 14th of this year. My son was sleeping on the couch right next to me, so I figured that I wasn't really alone anyhow. :)

First I need to tell you something. On June 14th, around 9 am, my Mother called to let me know that Dad had passed at somewhere around 6 o'clock that morning. After hanging up the phone.. I realized that I had been awoken around that time by a sharp, pinching pain in the big toe of my left foot. I had sat up, but couldn't figure out what had happened to make it hurt like that. I thought perhaps one of the cats or dogs had been playing around with my feet, and then quickly scampered off when I'd abruptly sat up in the bed. I laid back down, fell back asleep, and didn't think anything else of it... until after my Mom called later that morning with the sad news. For some reason, I thought perhaps it was my Dad saying good bye in his teasing, smart-ass way. He would definitely do something devilish like that. lol

So back to the reading... I simply asked out loud, "Dad, do you have anything you want to let me know right now?" And then I laid out four cards in a straight row. These were the four cards in the picture below (you can click on the image for a larger version):

I was simply astounded! :O The first card was olfactory, and it has the number 5 on it. (SMELLy foot with 5 toes!) Plus, my Mom often says she can still smell his cologne once and a while in their apartment. It also has a red circle on it for heat. My toe did feel hot and painful when that happened. The second card was love, and it has a FOOT on it along with the letter T. The third card was life, and it has the letter O on it. The fourth card was death, and it has the letter E on it. Those last three cards spell TOE! I couldn't believe it. I'm still in shock. There are two other things as well. The life card has the symbol for Buddhist on it, and the death card has the up arrow. I took this as a sign for reincarnation for some reason. Simply amazing (like he was telling me we'd see each other again). Love is in both life and death. Thanks Dad. :) Or.... love stinks. hahaha.. Dad would have found that amusing. ;)

Two other things I had to come back and mention... The olfactory card is right next to the love card, which has the photographer's wedding band on it. I thought this really affirmed that he is around my Mom when she smells his cologne. Another thing is the life card. It appears to have a dragonfly on it, and that really reminds me of the movie with the same name. The one with Kevin Costner who plays the man receiving messages from his deceased wife. I'm still quite amazed by all this. :)

P.S. Please see Donnaleigh's comment below, because she seen something else as well.

*Please read part two of this here.


  1. Wow! Just....Wow!

    I am completely blown away by the letters spelling "toe." That is nothing short of amazing.

  2. What an amazing read . . . thanks so much for sharing!

    Paul Michael Kane

  3. Val expressed it perfectly. Wow! Just...Wow!

  4. oh, my. It is an amazing experience and you are so brave to do the reading! I am pretty scared of the whole idea of communicating with the deceised but I have so many of them, and I would, needless to say, love to learn how they are doing, and see what they have to tell me... my siblings, my grandpa and grandma... and friends... but I do not think that I'd eve be brave enough to have these cards. Hopefully one day I get some calmer insight into the whole idea of communicating with the outer world.
    Thank you for sharing this truly miraculous reading.
    Victoria Evangelina

  5. Bobbi Jo, I saw more in your card reading from your Dad this morning quite by mistake...


    This might be better seen from a distance. I looked over at the print-out of y...our blog, and I was groggy because I just woke up. I saw the picture but couldn't register what it was or where it was from. The picture was small so it didn't register that it was the Konxari cards.

    I saw the 4 pictures, though, and thought, "That looks like L-O-V-E, the letters."

    And as I got closer, I was astounded that it was the reading from your Dad.

    L = Ofactory picture shadoing in red, looks like a capital L, though a fat one. (the printer did not get the lighter colors well)

    O = the ring made the o. and the heart reinforces the concept...also it is the LOVE card. More redundancy like you got in the foot/toe/5/ofactory.

    V = the printer only caught a dark shadow that is on its lide like this: <. Nice V!

    E = I looked cloder and realized, "oh, there is no E in this, it's a skull." I looked closer and saw that there WAS the letter E on the bottom right!

    L-O-V-E to you from your dad!