Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Vision Quest Spread

I recently ordered The New Mythic Tarot, and when it arrived it was missing the Queen of Swords. After my initial disappointment a few things occured to me. One.. I had been wanting a 'majors only' deck to have handy, and Two... I've been wanting to do a Tarot collage for hanging on the wall beside my computer desk. I have The Star (major arcana) Tarot deck, but I actually don't like using it because it's large size makes shuffling them difficult. I use them more for meditation. And I've never had the heart to use one of my other decks for a collage. I have no qualms gluing these cards down to some poster board because they are incomplete and I don't have a reading relationship with them. I also reordered another New Mythic Tarot deck from another supplier.

One evening I was sitting at my computer desk and trying to think of a 'tarot story' for my collage. I started by looking through the cards for a storyline, which isn't that hard with the Mythic Tarot because they are based on Greek Mythology. Pretty quickly I had ten cards in front of me depicting a story of sorts. Now all I needed was a pleasing way to situate them for viewing as a whole picture. After doing that, I then realized that I had a interesting spread before me and all I had to do was assign a meaning for each position. This was the end result. I may tweak it a bit after I work with it for awhile, so here is the rough draft of my Tarot spread which I call The Vision Quest Spread.

Sorry for the blurry picture, but it was late at night and all I had handy was my cellphone and limited lighting.

Position 1- The spark that starts it.
Position 2- What you should contemplate on first.
Position 3- The action you should take.
Position 4- What you're ultimately seeking on your vision quest.
Position 5- Who/What will support you.
Position 6- Who/What will challenge you.
Position 7- Where you will discover a hidden strength.
Position 8- The possible outcome of your quest.
Positions 9 and 10- Two things/lessons you will learn through it all.

If you are reading this, and try this spread, please let me know what you think, like, dislike about it. Any ideas on improving it are welcome too. Also, see if you can ascertain the 'story' in it.

The cards in my collage are as follows:

1- 3 of Cups
2- 4 of Swords
3- 6 of Swords
4- Ace of Cups
5- Ace of Pentacles
6- 7 of Wands
7- 9 of Wands
8- 10 of Cups
9- King of Swords
10- Queen of Wands

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