Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Ability to Receive

~Card is from the Robin Wood Tarot

I almost always cringe when I pull the Ace of Cups reversed. I normally see it as an end of a relationship, a general feeling of being unloved, or love blocked. Perhaps someone is toying with another's emotions, or it could signify someone who is not open to receiving love. But is there a positive side to this Ace reversed? I think so.

When I pulled this card earlier, I frowned. It was one of those moments when I was like, "Can't I just put this one back and pull another?" I wanted a do over. It didn't seem to apply to me today. lol I always do my best to resist doing that though. Surely there was something this card wanted me to take a deeper look at.

So I propped the card up and stared at it for a bit. And that's when it occurred to me that looked like a glass turned upside down on a bar. Like the person who had been using it was telling the bartender... "I've had enough for right now. No refills, please!" BINGO! I'd done this many times myself in the past. Like a lot of folks, after I hit twenty-one, I hit the bar scene for a while. I quickly learned that alcohol and myself didn't mix too well. I never got to the point where I was drunk and having fun. Instead I got sick and ended up in the bathroom all night puking my brains out.

After that, I pretty much ended up as the designated driver for all my friends when we went out. Not a bad thing, mind you. Sitting at the bar, drinking a Coke, smoking cigarettes and watching everyone else tie one on can be quite funny, and educational in regards human behavior actually. But back to how this all relates to the Ace of Cups reversed. Most of us can graciously accept all the love that is offered to us, even when the cup is filled to overflowing. It's in our nature. But what if a person just can't handle too much of it all at once? What's an insignificant amount to one person might just be way too much for another to handle without disastrous and painful results.

So the next time you encounter someone's glass turned upside down.. don't insist on filling it up because you erroneously think they're not living life to the fullest or to the best of their ability. What you're offering is being blocked for a very good reason from their perspective. They probably just need a breather or some time to recover. Some time to process it all. Try coming back a little later. You will probably find the glass back upright and ready to receive what you have to offer. :)

Someone once told me that opening ourselves up to RECEIVE love allows us to FEEL more love, which in turn, allows us to GIVE more love. Start with some self-love. When you love yourself, no one can take it away from you. Identify the things you do to protect your heart and let them go.Very wise advice, indeed!

Which reminds me! I bought a bottle of Appleton Estate rum and a six pack of Dr. Pepper last week. I think it might be time to turn my glass over for a little bit. ;)

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  1. Very nicely said!! You've given me a new perspective about this reversed Ace of Cups! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. This is truly a meaningful interpretation.

    Sometimes people do need a little time to process their difficult emotions. They might not need us at that moment to "make it better." And that's when we can step back and give them their process.