Thursday, February 10, 2011

Some Zen Advice From The Queen of Swords

Lately, the Knight of Swords ill-dignified (or reversed), keeps cropping up for me in readings. Not the easiest guy (or gal!) to have to deal with. He's prone to rash, thoughtless words and actions. Shoots off at the mouth without thinking it through first. He's often unnecessarily aggressive, and impatient and careless with other's feelings. Like an irrational, out of control thorn in one's side.

So, I got to thinking.... what would the upright Queen and King of the same suit say to this guy? A little while later I stumbled across a Zen quote that really seemed to fit for the Queen of Swords.

“Be master of mind rather than mastered by mind” ~Zen Proverb

In the cards above from the Robin Wood Tarot, the Queen has her hand outstretched towards the Knight as if trying to appeal to his "higher" self before it's too late. Because this Knight is about to crash headlong into the King, who is standing very solidly on higher ground with his arms crossed, and sword in hand. This Knight is about to be put in check (pun intended), if he doesn't get a measure of self control soon.

So for today, practice active listening instead of immediate reaction. Also, see clearly those whom you should steer clear of for the time being. (lol)

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